December 7, 2011

Here we go!

Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting Holliday's Mountain Cafe! I hope you enjoy yourself.

I have been posting my dinner creations on Facebook for a while now, and recently began getting requests to start a blog with recipes and other dinner-related topics. So here we are! One of the main reasons to start this blog is to show how to make a variety of dishes at home without blowing the budget out of the water. It is a point of pride for me that I am able to make a unique dinner from scratch most nights but, like many others these days, don't have a surplus of funds to play around with. It has taken a while, but I have learned how to plan a 9-day menu and shop accordingly. Sometimes the menu is dictated by produce or meat sales, other times it is based around one major, time-consuming meal. I will try to post my menu every other week and write about each dinner, successful or not, that I make. I will also write about my stand-bys and other kitchen creations as they come up.

Along with cooking, I also enjoy tasty beverages. About a year ago I thought about typing up my Beer Book and posting it as an ongoing blog, but due to various circumstances it didn't happen. Now I have no excuse to not start so I will be periodically sharing my beer adventures and other beverage-related information. This may include, but is not limited to, new beers I taste, breweries I have visited, and a good serving of beer trivia.

From time to time I will also post craft projects I am working on and share completed projects.

Please share this blog with your friends and leave me comments! This is a learning experience for me and hearing feedback will help me make this site better. Also, if you have a dish you would like me to try, let me know! My only restriction to this is pork.. I don't eat pork.. bacon - yes, ham - yes, ribs - sometimes, but not pork (I'm allergic and won't cook it). I have been known to make chili rellenos from time to time, but that's about all I will make with pork.

I think that just about does it. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and happy cooking!

- Holliday :)

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