January 4, 2012

Dearest Friends and Followers,

I, like everyone else I'm sure, can't stand self-promotion or friends asking friends to "check out my site!" or "add me to your home page!" or "follow meeeee!!".  However, trying to gently promote myself around the hundreds? thousands? of food blogs in order to expand and reach more people has yielded little success.  Many blog forums require either a minimum number of published months or a minimum number of subscribed followers to be eligible to share posts.  Therefore I am asking those of you who visit my blog regularly, or occasionally give me a hand with my minimums.

If you decide to follow me "officially" you will be able to post comments and get email updates when I post something new.  You, as far as I'm aware, can manage that subscription as much as you want.  I never think about subscribing to the blogs I read on occasion no matter how many times I check for new content, and often times I just don't want to because I don't want my email box to get even more cluttered.  That being said, I am now starting to pick and choose which blogs I want to get updates on.

Hopefully I am publishing posts that are fun to read and keep people coming back to check out what new creation I have made in the kitchen.  I'll only ask once (except for that one earlier, and maybe another on facebook later) to please sign up to follow me, leave me comments on dishes you have tried or want to see me try in the future.  Love it?  Hate it?  Let me know. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.  I know I'm headed home after work to put my feet up and and enjoy a Ft. George Brewery Vortex IPA.


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